I offer a very straightforward process for providing Original Exclusive Broadcast Quality Background Music that Creates Attitude, Character, and Substance for your songs to help them become fully developed exactly the way you want them. Not in my town? That’s OK. I collaborate with you remotely via the internet. Once you’ve filled out the form by clicking on the orange button at the bottom of the page and we’ve discussed your project in detail or you reach me through the contact page, the process is as follows•

  1. First you’ll send me a version of your song with details of what you want done to it. The initial song you send doesn’t have to be professional. It can be a simple raw recording from a mobile device in a low audio format with or without an instrument accompanying it. Of course better quality and even a click track is helpful, but not necessary.
  2. I’ll then create, perform, and record the basic tracks. Once all the parts have been recorded, I’ll send you an audio file for your review. 
  3. After any changes you may request have been made, I will send you the new revised version.
  4.  You may then record your vocals and any instruments you want to add. (You may use your own home recording setup or a local studio of your choosing).
  5. You will then send me your audio file(s) and I will import/mix them with the music in my studio. (If you use a local pro studio you may request for them to send me your recorded audio files and vice versa). 
  6. I will then do a Final Professional Mix and Master of the whole song and send it to you as a High Quality Audio WAV file for your final Master Recording. 
Multi-tracks and Audio Stems of a song can be delivered too at an additional charge. Please inquire within.
Every completed track comes with a signed release form receipt (work for hire) from me. That way you exclusively own and control 100% the master recording, publishing rights, and writers share. You never know when your song could become a #1 Hit, or a “big time” Artist/Band may want to record/buy it, or you might have a placement opportunity in TV/film/media etc.
Below are a few of the Instruments and Genres JAMSZ Offers
Acoustic/Electric Guitar † Bass † Drums † Piano † Keys † Synthesizer † Banjo † Mandolin † Strings † Brass † Woodwind † Percussion † Tambourine † Backup Vocals † Custom Beats † Virtual Instruments † Sound Effects
Indie Rock • Alt-Rock • Hard Rock • Pop Rock • Blues Rock • Country Rock • Punk Rock • Pop • Classical Crossover • Blues (sub-genres) • Country (sub-genres) • Folk (sub-genres) • Hip-Hop • Rap • EDM • Jazz • Fusion • World • Easy Listening
To discuss your music needs, answer any questions you may have, and schedule a free consultation of how I can best assist you, please click on the orange button below and fill out the Jamsz Music Request form. 

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