Most studios will charge by the hour and the whole process ends up being a lot more expensive than you expected. Jamsz keeps it simple with a set price for each instrument track so you always know the cost of your project and can easily keep track of your budget!

THE SOLO 1 Instrument for one song created, recorded, pro mix/master $97
THE DUET 2 Instruments for one song created, recorded, pro mix/master $167
THE TRIO 3 Instruments for one song created, recorded, pro mix/master $227
THE BAND 4 Instruments for one song created, recorded, pro mix/master $277
THE BAND WITH A SPECIAL GUEST 5 Instrument tracks for one song created, performed, recorded, pro mix/master $317

For a 1 Song Single, Custom Beat, 3-6 Song Ep, or 7 or more Song Album Production please contact Jamsz for SPECIAL DISCOUNTS & PACKAGE DEALS that will be configured specifically for your music project.

Payments are made simple. I just send you an invoice and you can pay online via credit card or PayPal. Money orders are an option too.       

Your Jamsz Instrument Selection

Acoustic Rhythm/Finger-Style Guitar • Acoustic Lead Guitar • Electric Rhythm Guitar • Electric Lead Guitar • Drums • Electric Bass Guitar • Acoustic Upright Bass Guitar • Synth Bass • Piano • Keys • Synthesizer • Organ • Violin • Viola • Cello • Double Bass • Harp • Ukulele • Banjo • Mandolin • Dobro • Saxophone • Flute • Oboe • Clarinet • Bassoon • French Horn • Trumpet • Tuba • Trombone • Harmonica • Bodhran • Bongos • Cajon • Congas • Shaker • Tambourine • Timbale



Recording Custom Music Tracks for your Original Music as Your Collaborative Music Partner/Session Player/Engineer/Producer. This is a Custom Music Boutique for the Serious Artist Seeking Music to Complete their Songs. No backing tracks/covers of cheap downloads of other artists music is available here.

There is a myriad of sites now offering free or cheap backing tracks of other artists music (covers), online automated recording services, and pre-recorded loops for singers, musicians, bands, etc… When buying backing tracks, be aware that you are purchasing the right to use the track and not the original master which remains with the company. They also retain the right to remove permission of use if they feel the user has abused their Terms and Conditions. All music you get here is 100% owned by you to do whatever you want with it, because it’s all 100% Original Your Music Your Way! 

For example, if you’re a singer and have a guitar player and drummer, but need a bass guitar and one keyboard in your recording, then that would be two tracks per song I would provide for you. Or you’re a drummer and bass player (singer) act and you need rhythm guitar, lead guitar, and a piano part as backing tracks for 20 original songs to play live, then I would provide three Instruments per song. Maybe you’re a guitarist who wants to record an album and you only need the drums added, then I would provide the drums as one Instrument for each song. You could be a rapper or hip hop artist who wants some beats and music for your single’s or ep  and that can be a project set price. Who knows, you might want a violin/strings ensemble added to your poem/lyric/spoken, etc… Every completed song comes with a signed release form/receipt (work for hire) from me. That way you exclusively own and control 100% the master recording, publishing rights, and writers share. You never know when your song could become a #1 Hit, or a “big time” Artist/Band may want to record/buy it, or you might have a placement opportunity in TV/film/media etc.

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